Does Racial Profiling Exist?

...or is it just a myth? Being a peace officer for many years, I can assure you that Racial Profiling does indeed exist. It exist from the beliefs and motivations of the law enforcement system as well as the emotions deep within each and every individual who participates in this behavior. Profiling is not just motivated by race it also targets gender, age and other characteristic stereotypes.

It is not likely that any law enforcement agency would intentionally make any departmental policies that promoted Racial Profiling as acceptance. Never-the-less this behavior is understood by agencies and individuals to be a necessary tool at times. If we lived in a perfect world then I would say that racial profiling was a myth.

Chapter One: The History of African-Americans in Law enforcement
Chapter Two: The Biased Civil Service Hiring Process
Chapter Three: The Beginning of a Career in Law Enforcement
Chapter Four: Working as a Street Patrol Officer
Chapter Five: Law Enforcement and the Education System
Chapter Six: Females and Minorities in Law Enforcement
Chapter Seven: The Pros and Cons of being a Peace Officer
Chapter Eight: The Public's Expectations
Chapter Nine: In the Line of Duty
Chapter Ten: Racial Profiling and Stereotyping
Chapter Eleven: Conduct Unbecoming a Peace Officer
Chapter Twelve: Ethics, Departmental Politics and Injustice in the law enforcement world


The Author - Victor Jones

In 1989 Victor became a Deputy Sheriff for a Northern California Law Enforcement Agency where he retired after a twenty year career.

During his career he had the fortune of knowing and working with many good and decent people. On the other hand, he also had the misfortune of dealing with individuals who were the exact opposite. Throughout his career he was faced with several difficult experiences along with numerous personal challenges.

He contributes his most difficult times as a result of being a minority figure in the law enforcement world which is primarily dominated by Caucasian males. He like many other minorities had to find his place in this some times cruel and unfair world throughout his career.

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