The Book

About The Book:

“Black Behind The Badge” is a short audio biography and Non Fiction book written from the perspective of a peace officer. The book shares many true facts and stories of the lives and experiences of actual peace officers. The book depicts the personal perspective endured from a minority peace officer working in the law enforcement world. In a way, the content in this book is not only the voice of the author but also speaks for the many other silent voices that are unable to tell their untold stories.

The book attempts to educate the public from a peace officer’s perspective when dealing with law enforcement experiences.  The book gives advice and knowledge to the public how to conduct themselves in the presence of peace officers whether the experience is positive or negative. On that same note, the book offers ideas and suggestions how to deal with unruly or unprofessional peace officers if needed.  It is noted throughout the book, even though peace officers are indeed held to the highest standards the book enlightens the public that peace officers are human beings first and foremost in spite of their authority and profession.

It also shares the difficulties it takes being a peace officers when performing their duties.  One of the main difficulties for peace officers is enduring the pressure of scrutiny and public expectations. The book attempts to shed some clarity upon the images of peace officers and elaborates on an explanation why the job is done the way it is.

The book has facts and historical events relating to law enforcement. There are some portions in the book that will elaborate and provide some extreme sensitive information which would only be privy to peace officers. This information stints from the author’s personal knowledge and experiences. This portion particularly demonstrates how human peace officers really are.